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Let’s Start Here.

Before I introduce myself let me start with this: YOU matter.  YOU are needed in this world.  YOU are worth the fight.  YOU are enough.

Hi, I’m Hannah.  I’m 21 years old and I currently live in beautiful Gig Harbor, Washington.  I studied abroad in Paris, interned in Las Vegas, and recently finished Interior Design school.  I’m a fashion enthusiast and coffee obsessed. I’m a deep feeler and a big lover.   And most importantly I feel like I’ve been placed in this world to advocate for those who are struggling, because for most of my life I’ve been struggling, too.

I’m starting this blog for two reasons: me, and you.  I’m starting it for me as an outlet.  A place to share my thoughts, a place to share my struggles, a place to share my experiences, and a place to share my hopes and dreams. I’m starting it for you as a safe place.  A place where you won’t feel alone, a place where you can come when you’re struggling, and a place to make you more familiar with the world of mental health and addiction.

So here’s to this new journey.  Let’s do it together.


Fight For Yourself.  Always. 


Author: happilyhannahgreen

Let's talk about the hard stuff.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Start Here.”

  1. Hannah you are an amazing person and very strong for putting your story out for everyone to see. But it shows the truth, that we don’t know who is an addict and who needs help just by looking at them. My sister died a year ago Tuesday and i myself didn’t even know she still had an addiction, she went to rehab and acted like herself afterwards she told me she was better but she really wasn’t. Thank you for putting yourself out there to help others. Your are loved never forget it.

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