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Girl, You Are a Badass.

This ones for my ladies: GIRL, YOU ARE A BADASS.

To my girls who struggle to get out of bed every morning.  The ones who are battling eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and/or addiction.  The ones who put on a brave face everyday just to come home and cry.  The ones who are exhausted from having to try 24/7 to just be happy.  YOU ARE A BADASS.

To my girls who are genuinely happy. The ones who light up every room they walk in. The ones who always have the right words to say.  The ones who can take any situation and make it good.  The ones who have the most contagious laughter.  YOU ARE A BADASS.

To my girls who are single.  The ones who struggle in every relationship.  The ones who have been abused.  The ones who think they are worthless because they don’t have a partner.  The ones who choose to be single because they know their worth.  YOU ARE A BADASS.

To my girls in a relationship.  The ones who have found the right person.  The ones who know what true love feels like. The ones who fight everyday to make it work.  The ones who have found their equal.  YOU ARE A BADASS.

To my girls who have been raped/sexually assaulted.  The ones who never spoke up, the ones who did.  The ones who are open, and the ones who will never share their experience.  The ones who support other women.  Me, too. YOU ARE A BADASS.

To my girls who are moms.  The ones who wake up an hour early to have an hour to themselves.  The ones who love their children more than anything.  The ones who are constantly running late. The ones who struggle with depression. The ones who have never been so content.  The ones who are up all night with a crying baby.  The ones who cry themselves to sleep.  YOU ARE A BADASS.

To my girls who couldn’t have children. The ones who had children who didn’t live.  The ones who heard those heartbreaking words.  The ones who see a baby and feel their heart sink.  The ones who will never fill that void in their heart.  YOU ARE A BADASS.

To every single girl out there: YOU ARE A BADASS.

Fight For Yourself. Always. 


Author: happilyhannahgreen

Let's talk about the hard stuff.

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